Touching message from Bike Drive donor

Ananda D posted this touching story on our Facebook page after donating a bike to our Africa Bike Drive:

"When my brother Todd died in December 1996, I inherited his mountain bike. It's actually too small for me and I only rode it for about two years. Since then, it's been sitting in my garage. Thanks to Mike's Bikes, Todd's bike is going to be spruced up and refurbished (as needed); then it'll be shipped to Africa in a cargo container with a whole lotta other bikes. Someone in Africa who doesn't have any other mode of transportation than their own feet will be getting Todd's bike. And it will change their life. 

I don't need a physical object to remember my brother. Todd is always in my heart. And his incredible generosity that was such a part of his spirit will continue to exist. It's time for me to let go of a "thing" and let it help someone else."

Ananda, we're honored to accept Todd's bike, to pass it along to change a life in Africa, and to have shared in your memory of your brother.