Touchdown in Johannesburg

Matt (right, in green) and I (center in maroon) as we deplaned in Johannesburg. Obviously we were feeling pretty good to be back on the ground and walking around.

Now there is just one more short flight until we're in Gaborone, Botswana. The biggest challenge at the moment is trying to find a way to be sure that our 7 boxes worth of bike shop supplies actually make the connection to the prop plane we'll be taking.

We will meet Bones at his bike shop, Jonmol, immediately when we get into town tonight. As someone who has worked in five bicycle stores spanning my entire adult life, I'm anxious to see the space in person, to walk around it, breath it in, and feel what our first Sister Shop in Africa is like in the flesh. I'll be sure to post pictures both here and en masse at the Mike's Bikes Flickr page.

So, how do we pass this bit of layover time? Working, apparently