The Big Red S Comes Through in a Big, Big Way

Let it be known: Our friends at Specialized Bicycles have hearts as big as their bike-designing brains. Late last year they made the single biggest donation to our projects in Africa that we have ever received, and all of us here at Mike's are hugely grateful for their gift of bicycle-powered, well, empowerment. The first component of this gift was an entire 40' shipping container full of parts, accessories, and riding gear that was loaded up at Specialized's Salt Lake City warehouse. This was container #12 that we have shipped to Africa, and it was sent directly to our new distribution center Bicycle Recycle in Gaborone, Botswana. This sorely-needed equipment will be spread throughout our Sister Shops to help keep existing bikes running, help refurbish used donation bikes, and to help enable the local population to ride in greater safety and comfort.


Having been familiar with our Africa Sister Shop program for some time, Specialized determined the most effective bike to donate considering the conditions in these developing communities would be a light cargo bike. When we agreed with this premise they shocked us by committing to donate no less than 100 of these bikes, brand-spakin'-new! The cargo bikes joined our customers' donation bikes to fill Container #13, which was loaded at our warehouse in San Rafael.

We could not be more thankful to have a partner in Specialized that not only produces the best bikes in the world for us to provide to our customers, but who also shares our belief in the power of the bicycle to make life better for those in need.