So, What's the Plan Anyway?

It's simple, really.

All we need to do is fly to Gaborone, Botswana (by way of New York and South Africa), meet up with Bones at his shop Jonmol Bicycle Services (the first Mike's Bikes African Sister Shop), find out what challenges he is having in providing bicycles to his community, solve them all, and help him prepare to receive the next container of 400 bicycles (generously donated by our customers) which is nearly ready to ship out from our warehouse in San Rafael, California. All in the space of about three days, give or take.

Then all we'll have left to do is fly to Windhoek, Namibia to meet up with our indispensable helper-on-the-ground Kami and pow-wow with the Bicycle Empowerment Network while we're there. The next day we'll drive 10 hours across the Kalahari Desert to the village of Divundu. There we will meet Erasmus and Ludwig, and hopefully the container of 466 donation bicycles that we shipped out two months prior, but which has encountered the bad luck of a cargo ship breakdown, and will, fingers crossed, be arriving in Divundu right about when we are. We'll then unload the container as it will be used as the space for Erasmus and Ludwig's Sister Shop. Oh, and we'll have to build and tune the bikes, teach Erasmus and Ludwig how to service bicycles and how to effectively run a bike shop top-to-bottom, and establish supply lines for consumables like tubes and chains. And we'll have a whole 9 days to do it, give or take.

What could possibly go wrong?