Ride to Rhodes

This past weekend, August 14-15, the Lesotho Cycling Association held national championships outside of Maseru. Eleven of Lesotho's bicycle clubs participated. The riders were divided into three classes - Elite, Veterans, and Juniors - and gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded within these classes. Winners won jerseys, medals, and cash for bike parts.

On Saturday, the teams faced off on a rugged mountain bike course. On Sunday, the teams swapped out their tires and hit the road.

This year Tumi's Bicycle Club did quite well, outranking all other teams with 9 medals won. In the mountain bike race, Tumi and two others in the club won gold in their categories, as well as two bronze winners. In the road race, one of the members of the juniors team won gold, and several others won silver and bronze.

Congratulations Tumi and the Tumi's Bicycle Club Riders! Your hard work is paying off.