Report from Tumi in Lesotho


Mike's Bikes just got some great photos from our partner in Lesotho, Tumisang Taabe.

Recently Tumi brought a bunch of bikes to a local school sports day for the kids to play with.

While waiting for their turn to compete in track and field events, children from nine local schools got to play with the bikes. The children were very excited to have be able to ride bikes, so the teachers have decided to allow them to start school cycling clubs.

Because of the uniquely affordable structure that Mr. Taabe is implementing through his cycling club, children from all of these schools will be able to join a cycling team.

In addition to helping the schools form cycling teams, Mr. Taabe has formed a bicycle club that holds regular clinics to teach its members how to clean and repair bicycles. These little boys had so much fun fixing their flat!

Cycling in Lesotho is really taking off! Members of the local team placed for the

Tour De Lesotho

, as did our partner, Tumi. Congratulations to the whole team!