From Inroads to Races

Our partner in Lesotho, Tumisang Taabe, has provided remarkable leadership in bringing bicycling to his community in Africa. Like us Tumi wants to advance the bike not only as a method of transportation and recreation, but most recently as a means of healthy competition too.  Since successfully establishing his Mike's Bikes Sister Shop, Tumi has become known as a bicycle expert and an organizational leader in his area. As a result of this esteem, he was elected to form a bike racing community in Lesotho. Over the past several months, Tumi has organized three local races and he has been working hard to develop his club with the goal of giving the local people a chance to be selected for teams that race on an international level.   On July 15th, Tumi himself won the National MTB Champion title in the masters category in Lesotho. He's not only a dedicated community leader, but he's also one heck of a tough competitor.   It is clear by the photos that the sport of bicycle racing is here to stay in Lesotho. We bet it won't be long until we see more cyclists from Africa competing internationally in major races all over the world. Chris Froome, eat your heart out. We're proud to be able to support Tumi and the development of cycling infrastructure in both competitive and non-competitive forms in Africa. We're sure he'll keep up the good work. [gallery]