First Impressions of Milton and MK Cycles

Fist glimpse of MK Cycles

Fist glimpse of MK Cycles

After arriving at the Lodge, we headed over to meet Milton at his shop. We were instantly surprised at how much progress he had made. This is the first shop we’ve done where the container of bikes arrived before us. This will allow us to make much more progress since we won’t be wasting days trying to coordinate the delivery and waiting for it’s arrival. Milton had very impressive signage, apparently a guy walked by one day and said he was a painter. After some negotiating, Milton hired him to paint the storefront. As you can see, he was talented. The painting was all done by hand and his ability to recreate the logo accurately several times was incredible.

In addition, Milton had almost 40 bikes prepped and in bike display stands! He found a welder across the street and hired him to build the stands. At this point, Ken and I were very excited because we have 12 days here and Milton already has a functioning shop.

After a tour of the shop, we headed over the Arizona Spur Steak Ranch for a beer and to make a plan for the week. A friend of Milton’s, Munyo, met us for a minute. He was an interesting fellow who works in the local media and apparently he will try to get us some radio and newspaper coverage while we are here.

All in all, a great start to the trip.