First 5 bikes arrive at Our Fertile Ground in South Africa

Our friends at Our Fertile Ground in Cape Town can start training for the upcoming Cape Argus ride, where they'll be raising funds for their great project, centered around a youth program for kids with HIV and AIDS.  The kids who want to do the ride have no bikes, so camp founder Robert Shea requested 5 bikes from our Foundation.  Naturally, we obliged, and the first 5 bikes just arrived in Cape Town and have been assembled and tuned.  Training can now begin for the Argus, which is fast approaching on March 10.

The response and support from the other kids in the program has been so overwhelming that Robert quickly requested another bikes, which we now have en route from our most recent container of donated bikes in Botswana.

Robert and his family have such an amazing and selfless program at Our Fertile Ground, and we're honored to be a part of it.