Container #14: Loaded and Heading to Botswana

loading the container

loading the container

It was an exciting morning for us at our warehouse here in San Rafael. Tucked behind new bikes and parts inventory were 343 donated bicycles that were ready to be loaded into our next container headed for Bicycle Recycle in Botswana.

These donated bikes used to have a life with somebody in the Bay Area. Santa could have delivered the tiny pink bike to a slumbering toddler. The older steel road bike may have been somebody's first race machine back in the 1990s. The haggered mountain bike with spring suspension still has dirt from its last rugged adventure. They all had their place with somebody else and served their time for those experiences; they were tools for learning and exploring.

Now it's time for new homes, new rides, and new soil. These bikes will be forgotten no more, but rather restored and reintroduced into the world, reigns held tightly in eager riders' hands. It's time for new adventure and exploration in Africa's arms.

We've loaded containers many times before and it always restores faith in humanity to see everybody work together for the same goal; to get more people on bikes, happy and carefree, all over the world. We couldn't do it without the countless donations and give thanks to all those that have contributed. There will be plenty more containers to fill in the future, so if you know a bike that's been forgotten in a garage or tucked in a storage unit without much thought, roll it out to one of our locations for a new life in sunny Africa.