Bike Prep and Shop Setup

We did a lot today but the shop didn’t look much different. We finalized our deal with the “joiner” – he starts first thing tomorrow morning. We also found and purchased a cash register and some shelving units. One interesting thing here is how you can have stuff delivered. All around town are men with push carts which they call scanias. You can hire one of these guys to meet you where you are buying stuff and have them delivered where you need it (in the city). We bought 4 shelving units that were about 10 ft high and needed to get them across town. They definitely weren’t about to fit in or on our Chevy Spark (can you believe that just about the only two white dudes in town get to drive this? As if we don’t stand out enough…). Ken found a nice man named Nkulumo who picked up the shelves and pushed them to MK Cycles. Well worth his $10 fee. The shelves needed to be cut in half so the shop boys started on that. Ken went to work on some more shelves for the back room while I started in on the bikes with a couple of the mechanics. By the end of the day, we had fixed up about 20 of the bikes from the container and had most of the shelves in place and functional.

One of the guys helping out is a young man named Phathisani with racing aspirations (they say he’s the fasted guy in Zim). He was my main mechanic partner today, so much so that he took everything I would start. I’m not sure how it happened but each time I started on something, he would eventually work his way in and next thing I knew, I’m watching him! He was pretty good actually so I didn’t mind. He’s also very skilled on a bike and he would put on a show for us during each test ride.