A Busy Spring at MakVeto

It's been a busy spring at MakVeto, our sister shop in Namibia. One of the owners, Erasmus, spent a few months doing tech support for the Tour d'Afrique, the legendary 7500 mile race & expedition from Cairo to Cape Town. Back at the shop, business has been very good. The store is located right on on the main highway (actually, the only highway) between Namibia and Zambia, so truck drivers on their way to and from Zambia have discovered the shop, and stop by when they're in the area to purchase bikes. On subsequent trips, they pick up parts to take home. People from northwestern Botswana also have been making the trek to MakVeto. One of our friends reported recently that when he stopped by the shop, there were three customers there having their bikes serviced, and that things appeared to be really humming.  Because of the success of MakVeto, owners Ludwig and Erasmus are considering opening a second shop in nearby Divundu.

Hearing how far folks are traveling to get to MakVeto demonstrates how important bicycles are in these people's lives: one woman we heard about had hitchhiked over 100 miles to the shop to get tubes for her son's bike!