Announcing a new partnership with World Bicycle Relief

World Bicycle Relief, a charity founded by SRAM (our favorite bike component manufacturer), has been doing incredible work throughout Africa for years now.  They share our belief in the awesome power of the bicycle to change the world by providing access to independence and livelihood, and to provide freedom and mobility to communities that consider such things to be a luxury. While The Mike's Bikes Foundation works to spread the bike culture by collecting donated bikes in California through our ongoing Bike Drive, WBR's resources have allowed them to take a different tack and develop a purpose-built bicycle from the ground up specifically for Africa.  WBR and MBF realized a potential synergy:  1.  WBR sources and imports unassembled bikes, 2.  We, with our partner Bicycle Recycle, can set up a facility in Botswana to assemble these bikes, and 3.  MBF's Sister Shops are a perfect way to channel these bikes out to communities who really need them.  It's a unique combo of charity and entrepreneurism, and we're super excited about what this could become.  Our Sister Shops are pretty stoked too!

Stay tuned for more news as this partnership develops and we launch Botswanan assembly of the Buffalo!