Mike’s Bikes & Velosolutions come together to #PumpForPeace

#PUMPFORPEACE has come to life in Lesotho!

#pumpforpeace is a global initiative from Velosolutions to build pump tracks in underprivileged communities, focused on making cycling and action sports more accessible than ever before. No matter your race, gender or religion, cycling has the power to unite communities around the world. #pumpforpeace was founded on this belief, and that by making the sport more accessible we can help promote a more tolerant future. The Roma Trading Post in Lesotho is home to the #pumpforpeace pump track, a world class 157 meter paved circuit with 7 berms and 3 platforms. Volunteers from Mike’s Bikes and our partner Bicycle Warehouse in San Diego have visited Roma many times and ridden the track a bunch, and trust us, it’s awesome!

The pump track was introduced to the Lesotho community in 2017 and is the site for many community events, such as concerts starring Basotho artists. This track will serve home for Basotho (the people of Lesotho) to make use of bicycles sent from NS Bikes USA and The Mike’s Bikes Foundation in California. Roma Trading Post and Mike’s Bikes engage the community with free to low-cost bicycles for local kids, which maximizes the potential of fun and physical activity that projects such as this aim to deliver.

Velosolutions founder Claudio Caluori’s sentiments epitomize the mission of the Mike’s Bikes Foundation, Velosolutions and the many other stakeholders in the Lesotho bicycle scene. “There is nothing better than seeing kids of all backgrounds ride one of our tracks. Seeing the joy and fun the new track in Lesotho brought to the local community only reinforced the positive change #pumpforpeace can help bring about.”

Velosolutions and Mike’s Bikes continue their collaboration to host more community events, such as the Christmas Bicycle Race on December 22nd, 2018 and the Red Bull Pump Track World Champs Qualifier on March 29th, 2019. Check out the pump track in action, with amazing video production by Velosolution. Keep on pumping the peace, Lesotho!