The growing cycling movement in the #MountainBikeKingdom of Lesotho

The bikes and gear from our 50th container have started to make their way out to market in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho.  In addition to our old friend Tumi, we have a new outlet in the capital city of Maseru, with Teboho's Bikeshop.  Both Tumi and Teboho source the bikes through our partners Christian and Darol, the organizers of Lesotho Sky, an epic 6-day mountain bike adventure that we haven't yet had the guts to tackle.  And both Tumi and Teboho then sell their bikes into their local communities at affordable prices, accomplishing our goal of getting locals on bikes in a sustainable manner.

Lesotho is an absolutely magical place, and we're thrilled and honored to be a part of the cycling movement there!

Teboho's Facebook post