Getting bikes into Zimbabwe again

We've worked really hard to identify, vet, train and set up proper Sister Shops across the region, but sometimes great partnerships just land in your lap.  Meet Lovemore and Enoch, two guys from Harare who heard about the availability of bikes down in Gaborone and are overcoming huge obstacles to give their community access.  Once or twice a month, they spend more than 15 hours on the bus ride from Harare.  They arrive at our warehouse in Gabs well before dawn and wait for Paul to show up.  They then select 15 - 20 bikes each time, reimburse us right away for what we've spent on the ocean freight and duty, and then they strap the bikes to the top of another bus for the 15 hour ride home.  They've got a good little business going, they're not afraid to work hard for it, and we're thrilled to have them as partners in Zimbabwe.

Click here for the map of their 1000 km journey.