November 2012 visit to Maun and Caprivi

Shortly after our trip to the Caprivi strip in northern Namibia to get Erasmus back on track, Paul and Sparks returned to pay a followup visit, also stopping to drop bikes at Bike Shop Maun.  Paul's post-visit report:

Hi Ken,
I have just returned from Maketo/Caprivi... was absolutely brilliant to breath life into Erasmus's Meketo store.. Note the name change from Makveto to Maketo..... The "V" was for obviously Erasmus wishes to remove any/all reference.

It was really good to have Sparks with me. He did a very good skills transfer/handover eg. Mukena/Erasmus had never done a tubeless conversion so that will be implemented in Caprivi shortly.

Ken, I am positive that Meketo will be a success! I am back in Gabs now and urgently preparing Tumi's next load of Bicycles and parts.Cheers