A note from Tumi about the bike distribution.

Hi Ken and Matt,

On 23rd February, 26 bicycles from donors of Mikes Bikes and Bikes for Lesotho were donated to 3 cycling clubs to motivate needy kids that lack bicycles in their clubs or village, and 20 cycling shorts and 20 jerseys were donated on behalf of donors from Lesotho Sky.

Yesterday 10 bicycles and parts were donated to needy kids from Thamae village.

About 30 bicycles are left at Tumi's shop, these bikes are to be distributed to Qacha's Nek district for needy kids.

Please be aware that with your good contribution of your bikes that you donated to the container to Lesotho, brought the change of life to more than 600 kids that were showing tears of joy when receiving your bike.

I (TUMI) on this project of handing over bikes to needy kids, has been my great time and this has also built a great relationship with kids, together with their parents.

It's amazing about containers of bicycles have entered into a small country like Lesotho because of you American people.

I also thank the relationship that I have with Mikes Bikes Foundation because this could have not happen.