Huge crowds and friends in high places

This week's "Jeff and Dave" bike distribution in Lesotho was a doozie.  Since the establishment of Tumi's shop in the capital city of Maseru, everyone is noticing the proliferation of bikes.  They're just everywhere now.  To our surprise and delight, it's becoming quite common to see women riding as well, and achieving that in Africa is a challenge.  The word is getting out, which is what drew the huge crowds this week.

This particular distribution saw 94 bikes donated in one day to kids from surrounding villages, and kids who had been asking about the bikes at Tumi's shop.  The kids lined the road, waiting for the trucks of bikes to arrive.  Tumi reports that several recipients were so overcome, they were crying, including one needy women openly weeping with joy at the sight of her kid on a bike.  These are the moments that make it all worthwhile!

Also on this day, Tumi got the Lesotho Minister of Sports out on a bike, and the Minister got to witness the huge amount of happiness his citizens get from these bikes.  It's very good to have these kinds of friends on our side, promoting the acceptance of bikes in Lesotho.