20 bikes (and dolls) donated today to kids in Koalabata

The first batch of donated bikes from the 2nd container of the "Jeff and Dave" project were delivered today.  20 kids in the small village of Koalabata, Lesotho were thrilled with the arrival of their new rides.  Also delivered were fabric dolls hand-sewn by ladies in a Chicago nursing home.  Jeff and Dave's Kiwanis club has sent these dolls to other countries too, along with pens and markers to decorate them.  Not our typical delivery, but hey, why not?

These bikes were donated by Working Bikes in Chicago, transportation covered by Jeff and Dave's fundraising efforts, logistics and backing provided by The Mike's Bikes Foundation, on-the-ground unpacking, refurbishing and distribution by Tumi's Cycles.  It takes a village to help a village!